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With regards to the fields in which the Fundació Familiar Catalana is active, the Foundation proceeds as follows:

9.1. Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Fundació Privada

The Fundació Familiar Catalana has granted UIC Barcelona the right to use the grounds on which the university holds classes in Barcelona and helps cover expenses, when necessary, interest-free.

9.2. FERT Batxillerat

The Fundació Familiar Catalana, through FERT Batxillerat, offers students a personalised education that helps to prepare them for university. This individual attention is possible thanks to its ratio of no more than 25 students per class. The objective is to provide students the knowledge, skills and aptitudes that university education requires.

Students have the opportunity to choose from two branches of upper secondary education:

  • Science and Technology.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences.

9.3 FERT Association

The Fundació Familiar Catalana holds 30% of the votes in the FERT Association and, given its highly relevant tasks, makes a financial contribution to cover the cost of everyday operations.

9.4. Grants

The Foundation awards grants on the following grounds:

  • Grants and aid for natural persons
    The Foundation, in efforts to encourage education and research, awarded several grants to students from both UIC Barcelona and FERT Batxillerat, who, as members of special-category large families or low-income families, would have otherwise been unable to continue their studies.
  • Grants and aid for legal entities
    These grants are awarded based on the criteria of general interest and the Foundation’s objectives.