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At present, the Fundació Familiar Catalana (FFC) undertakes education and training activities in three main areas:

a) Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Fundació Privada

The FFC’s largest and foremost project is the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Fundació Privada (hereinafter, UIC Barcelona). This university was promoted by the FFC, and both are now part of the same university-level educational project.

b) FERT Batxillerat

The FFC also promotes Fert Batxillerat (hereinafter, FERT), a school that, as an integral part of the FFC, specialises in the upper secondary stage of education and seeks to provide students high-quality education that prepares them for university.

c) Grants and financial aid

The FFC’s third area of activity consists in awarding grants and financial aid to students in special situations who are ineligible for public grants yet, due to their family situation, are unable to afford the cost of the studies they wish to undertake, so that they may study at UIC Barcelona or FERT. The process by which these grants are awarded is supervised and approved, at all times, by the Board of Trustees, which takes into consideration the students’ level of income and academic performance.